Doubts, but…

Last weekend, doubts cropped up again.  Nothing new, same doubts that have been ridin’ with me throughout this journey.  Annoying, yes, very much so.  Discouraging?  Yep, definitely.  I had to hit my internal “reset” button and it really helped.

This weekend went well and while doubts didn’t get at me, the fact that I’m way behind where I want and need to be with this final edit / revision of The Hidden did and does jack with me.  But, I’m still working on the book, still taking and making notes on other stories as they come to me, still moving forward, though slowly.

Not givin’ up.  The theme song of “Enterprise” came to mind and it’s a good booster:

I will not give up…


About malcolm2030

I started my formal study of a traditional Japanese martial art during my freshman year in college in late 1990 and in early 2017, I took a leap of faith and have been teaching traditional martial arts and fitness on a full-time basis. I enjoy researching and exploring topics ranging from health and fitness, brain science and quantum physics, to relational dynamics, energy, and optimum living. I believe that we all should be daily evolving toward our true potential; while there will be times when we fall back, or get pushed back, or knocked down, the sum of our steps over a given period of time should be forward.
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