Oh, hello there!  You’re still here?  That’s good.  You probably thought I forgot about ya, but I didn’t.  I’m still here too.  What’s that?  What have I been up too?  Oh, you know, I’m pushing it, I’m giving it my all to make these dreams a living, breathing reality.  I won’t give up, even though things don’t always go according to plan.  Nope, not giving up.

Today, great progress was made and I’m closing in on the last page, gettin’ nearer to finishing this final edit of The Hidden: I hit 444 today!  From here onward, no going backward.  As I’ve said many times before, and must remind myself of again, forward only.  Some of the past few weeks have been truly inspiring; but some, on the other hand, truly disheartening.  But I won’t give up.  I will not give up.

I came across an inspiring, motivating video back in December and, since I’ve seen it so many times, I’m pretty sure I can recite it by heart now.  Well, I’ve never actually “watched” it, but I have listened to it, chewed on and absorbed those potent words, almost daily since I found it.  Check it out:

Definitely, check it out.

Oh, and I’m contemplating adding a sample mini-short story to this blog.  It’s not a sci-fi read, but it is interesting, something I wrote for a friend a few years ago.

Please keep hangin’ around.  I’ll be back with more very soon…


About malcolm2030

I started my formal study of a traditional Japanese martial art during my freshman year in college in late 1990 and in early 2017, I took a leap of faith and have been teaching traditional martial arts and fitness on a full-time basis. I enjoy researching and exploring topics ranging from health and fitness, brain science and quantum physics, to relational dynamics, energy, and optimum living. I believe that we all should be daily evolving toward our true potential; while there will be times when we fall back, or get pushed back, or knocked down, the sum of our steps over a given period of time should be forward.
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